Singapore's First Purely Gluten Free Kitchen

"So, are you Jonathan?"

No, I am not. Jonathan is my younger brother-in-law and our inspiration to start an allergen-friendly kitchen. He grew up with intolerance towards gluten and many other types of food as a result of Down’s Syndrome.

With over a decade of involvement with special needs’ children, we learnt about the various allergies that has prevented our special children from enjoying cakes and desserts that ordinary kids can.

My wife, Agnetta, once witnessed a horrible mother (we really tried not to judge!) indulging in a creamy coated cupcake in front of her dairy-intolerant child, who could only settle for a slice of white bread. How could she!?
Hence, we started exploring alternative ingredients, substituting and playing, trying and failing. After three years of planning, calculating, gaining experience in commercial kitchens, we took a leap of faith to open Jonathan's, Singapore's first purely gluten free kitchen in 2013.

We understand how hard it is for you to find delivery that is gluten-free. It is therefore our promise to you that we operate a completely gluten-free kitchen. We do not bring or store any products containing gluten in our kitchen, this enables us to guarantee a contaminant-free experience for you and your companions.

Why Jonathan’s? Because you are special, but so is he.

- Gabriel, Co-director

We are increasing our product availability across the region. Feel free to contact us and find out where they are!